IT:AD:Patterns:KISS Strategy


Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Simple code is:

  1. Easy to read: simple code needs little to no additional documentation to be understood.
  2. Easy to use: whoever is using your code will find it intuitive to use your objects.
  3. Easy to locate the code in question: simplicity means no duplicated logic (IT:AD:Patterns:DRY Strategy), therefore easy to find the code that you need.
  4. Doesn't introduce unnecessary dependencies: dependencies should be avoided where possible, isolated where required.
  5. It looks simple: You know your code is simple if when you finish you are astonished at how simple the final solution is and you ask yourself how it was possible that it took you so long.
  6. Lean: it only does what is necessary, and nothing else (SRP).


On the other hand, don't use KISS as a way to hide from tackling Complex is not Complicated Strategy.