IT:AD:Db Projects

* A Quick Intro

  • Tip: After adding a Table, Right Click, Select 'View Objects in Schema View' to edit a little more easily.
  • See: Blog

* In depth considerations on deployment:

Importing Existing Dbs

  • Ensure its a Database Project (not a Server Project)‚Ķeasy mistake to make
  • Right Click Project, Import
  • To Export, Publish, after setting a connection string, and new Db Name
  • To Add Lookup and other Seed Info,
  • For more info:

Adding Seed info to Deployment Projects

  • Right click PostDeployment Script
  • Select SqlCmd mode
  • Ref a file
    • :r .\seed.sql
      * Add seed.sql and add statements there.
          * *Important:* *.sql file should contain if/else to not duplicate entries.  
      IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 from dbo.DbSchemaVersionInfo WHERE NameLowered='' Where Version > '0.0.1') 
      --Do something...