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Quite a good alternative to IT:AD:SWOT

For one, adds measurability to IT:AD:SWOT so that different options can be weighed against each other.

  • Strengths:
    • Existing capabilities, resources, skills
  • Challenges
    • within company, partners, suppliers, customers
    • weaknesses that indicate a need for capabilities, resources, skills
  • Opportunities
    • identify the reasons for change, priorities, order in which to apply change while reducing new risks
    • weaknesses/risk = opportunity
    • what risks arise from these opportunities
    • how should actions be prioritised to reduce risk
  • Responses
    • probable outcome of action/inaction
    • define the business value therefore case of the opportunity
      • define the external risks that affect the opportunity

      * Effective

    • Is the response elegantly tight/integrated/efficient