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skinparam nodesep 30
skinparam ranksep 30
scale 0.8
scale max 800 width

title Contentness

class Depression
class Contentness
class Happiness
class Euphoria

class Health
class Sports
class Nutrition

class Security
class Defense
class Shelter
class Residence
class Education
class Financial

class "Inclusion" as Inclusion
class Family
class Org
class Group
class School
class Social

Depression <- Contentness
Contentness -> Happiness
Happiness -> Euphoria

Contentness --> Health
Contentness --> Security
Contentness --> Inclusion
Contentness --> Acknowledged

Health --> Nutrition
Health --> Sports

Security --> Defense
Security --> Shelter
Security --> Education
Security --> Financial
Shelter --> Residence

Inclusion --> Family
Inclusion --> Org
Inclusion --> Relationship

Org --> Group
Org --> School
Org --> Social

Acknowledged --> Noted
Acknowledged --> Respected

note bottom of Education
To know where to focus
To imagine possibilities
To increase probability
of success by knowing
where to focus energy