• Advantages:
    • It has much more mind-share than bitbucket.
  • Considerations:
    • -
  • Disadvantages:
    • Pricier
    • Bitbucket allows Mercurial and Git – GitHub, only Git… Not that that matters anymore (Git has won).
    • The account name xact is already taken – boohoo.
    • Organisations are not free (BitBucket doesn't have such a notion…one can just be an user called 'xact').
  • Free:
    • Unlimited public repos,
      • with unlimited collaboration.
      • Free accounts do not have private repositories. You can always upgrade from free to paid.

      * Personal:

    • Micro: 7$/month,
      • with unlimited collaboration
      • 5 Private repos.

      * Business:

    • Small: 25$/month
      • with unlimited collaboration
      • 10 Private repos.

Compared to Mercurial, which charges by number of users. But then again, I don't have lots of users/checkin members….. Still think that Bitbucket suits me better (having some private, some public).