An operational data store (or “ODS”) is a database designed to integrate data from multiple sources for additional operations on the data. Unlike a master data store, the data is not passed back to operational systems. It may be passed for further operations and to the data warehouse for reporting.

  • Data originates from multiple sources
  • The integration often involves cleaning, resolving redundancy and checking against business rules for integrity.
  • An ODS is usually designed to contain low-level or atomic (indivisible) data (such as transactions and prices) with limited history that is captured “real time” or “near real time”
    • as opposed to the much greater volumes of data stored in the EDS generally on a less-frequent basis.


component "Presentation Server" as PS
component "Application Server" as AS
component "Operational OLTP Database" as OD
component "Reporting Database" as RD
component "Operational Datastore" as ODS
component "Enterprise Data Warehouse" as EDW
component "Business DataMart" as BDM
PS --> AS : relies on
AS --> OD : relies on
RD --> OD : copy of
AS <- ODS : imports from
ODS -> EDW : exported to\nEnterprise strategic views
BDM <- EDW : extracted from\n(Biz specific views)