A mnemonic describing stages of an ALM.

  • Direction ← management: objective, resources
  • Delta Analysis ←- what is the gap between what we have/have to build/to prioritize
  • IT:AD:Develop ← AT definitions, AT coding, Coding to meet Testing, Continuous Accreditation
  • Direct ← ie: 'Operate' other ALM's.
    • Management Mode (to minimize Downtime).
    • Review and Re-Assess
    • Prioritize
    • Determine Management
    • Rehearse
    • Notify Customers
    • Execute changes
      • Downtime
      • Or putting app in Management Mode to partial run (% of servers processing live requests or features)
        • Manage Issues & Risks

        * Duplicate ← measure/reassess/repeat the whole process for the next set of functionality…

  • Disposal ← Data disposal is not the same as System Decommissioning..
  • Decommission (Closedown)