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class “Version Control Service” as VCS class “Build Automation” as BA class “Continuous Integration” as CI « <&cog> » class “Continuous Delivery” as CDEL « <&cog> »
note left of CDEL Process maturity heavily affects the level of conformance to Continuous Delivery (CD). Automation of Static+Dynamic Security, Performance, Compliance, Functional, Post-Deployment Tests range from 0 to 100%. endnote

class “(Functional) Test Automation” as TA class “Continuous Testing” as CT « <&cog> » class “Continuous Accredited Delivery” as CAL « <&cog> » #E0E0E0

note left of CAL Depends on 100% conformance to Continuous Delivery intentions. endnote

class “Continuous Deployment” as CDEP « <&cog> »
class “Unit/Static/Dynamic Tests” as ST

CI .UP.> VCS : uses BA <|-RIGHT- CI : improves CI <|-DOWN- CDEL : improves CI <|-RIGHT- CT : improves CT <|-DOWN- CDEP : improves CT .UP.> TA : uses

CDEL ..> CT : may use\nsome or\nall of

CDEL <|-DOWN- CAL : improves

BA -[HIDDEN]DOWN- ST ST <.. CI : may use ST <.. CDEL: uses


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