The Risk with Management is over time getting seduced into Managing the Team, rather than Managing the Product.




  • Empowerment is something given to you.
  • Self Leadership is using it.
  • Bosses are not mind readers.
    • It is in your best interest to accept responsability for getting what you need to succeed in the workplace
  • Elephant thinking: assume constraints based on past experience that limit current/future experiences.
  • Challenge Assumed Constraints!
  • Power is associated to Corruption. Hence mistrusted. But Power comes in multiple forms:
  • Delivery to UAT
  • After Release by Test team:
    • Regression TEsting in ST
    • P & V Test in OAT
    • Fortify Scan
  • Steering Committee - Go/NoGo
    • UAT
    • NoGo: IRR Complete ?
  • CRB Approval
  • PROD
    • Go Live

The Key states in Coaching are

  • Identity the Goals
  • Promote Discovery
  • Set Parameters
  • Authorise and Empower
  • Recap