IT:AD:Functional Requirements

Functional SpecificationsDomain Functional RequirementsSupplemental SpecificationsPrinciplesSystem ConstraintsSystem Functional RequirementsNon-Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are those that describe the Functions a System performs, as opposed to Constraints and Qualities, which are described in IT:AD:Supplemental Specifications.

It's important to understand that there are more than one kind of functional requirements.

Specifically, there are the following:

  • Domain Functional Requirements:
    • This is what is most commonly understood as Functional Requirement, but there are also:
  • System Functional Requirements.
    • Examples of System functionality that is in this set are:
      • DateTime Service
      • Caching Service
      • Host Settings Service
      • Settings Service
      • Data Persistence Service
      • Diagnostic Logging Service
      • Authentication Service
      • Authorisation Service
      • Auditing Service
      • Cryptographic Service
      • Help Service
      • Licensing Service
      • etc.