A test suite solution for both SOAP and REST services (not sure if SoapUI can do REST).


  • Similar to the more well-known IT:AD:SoapUI, but it appears to be better designed from a testers point of view (I've always found that SoapUI is powerful, but very heavy and hard to navigate through the myriads of options‚Ķas well as it being a Java product, which is always a bit weird for people used to Windows based UI's).
  • Provides abiilty to set up a test, save it as part of a test suite, and run one test or the whole suite over and over again.
  • Good solution for testing services. Saves having to design a test harness from scratch (although doesn't take away from having to estimate the time to create the test suites for the testers).
  • Reasonable price (149 for pro, compared to 349 for IT:AD:SoapUI).
  • .NET Equivalent to IT:AD:SoapUI
  • Price:
    • Lite: free
    • Personal: 49
    • Enterprise Single: 149/user
  • The Rest Version:
    • Same pricing.
    • For a Tester, it would be easier than developing custom IT:AD:cURL scripts (although a dev person might prefer cURL).