Install a Windows Service Process

installutil yourproject.exe

Note that with a little work, one can pass arguments to the Service installer, as we do with the XActLib/'s InstallerBase

InstallUtil.exe MyService.exe /AccountType=User /UserName=CORP\SomeOne /Password=Passw0rd1 /StartupType=Automatic

Uninstall a Windows service Process

installutil /u yourproject.exe

If you have no *.exe, but the service is still listed (possibly a hung/failed install process), then

sc delete [servicename]

If you get an OpenService FAILED 5: error:

Try one of the following two options:

1) Use the command Net Stop “service name” to stop the service. 2) Type 'regedit' in start→run and then delete the appropriate key in the registry under

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