* (UP)


  • Lists:
    • In
      • Goal: offload from the brain - recording material to use later.
      • Where you capture ideas and tasks as they occur to you.
      • Criteria for entry is: low (anything goes)
      • Can have multiple Ins (or maybe Ins with @tags)
      • Process entries:
    • one at a time in the order they are on the file.
      • decide if:
        • actionable

      * determine a physical action that would move it closer to goal.

      • if it takes < 2minutes, do it. Now.
      • if > 2minutes, delegate it, or move it to the next actions.
        • delegate, send them them an email
        • mark it in waiting for list with the date it was put on.
    • put it in Some day/maybe list
      • put in in tickler file (no action now, but remind me some time in future)
    • Each one gets done, thrown away, put into tickler file for later reminder.
    • Next actions (probably several – more on that later)
    • Waiting for
    • Projects
      • Every time you review list of projects, you ensure there is an Action on your Next Actions list. Ensures projects move forward.
    • Some day/maybe