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* Considerations:

  • Requires a bit of investment to learn the symbols and approach – it's not a Natural Language approach.

* Disadvantages:

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## Notes ##

### Business View ###

  • Business View:
    • an Actor can be assigned to 1-* Roles,
      • A Business Product is a coherent set of Business Services.
      • A Business Service is realized by one or Business Functions initiated by Business Events.
      • Business Functions group a flow of Business Proccesses offered by a Business Organisation:
        • Business Processes are performed by Roles
        • Business Processes can be Business Interaction (ie a Process involving two Roles).
        • Either may involve Business Objects
          • That are manifested as Representations
          • And may be constrained by Business Contracts


class Product <<$businessProduct>>
class Service <<$businessService>>
class Function <<$businessFunction>>
class Process <<$businessProcess>>
class Interaction <<$businessInteraction>>
class Object <<$businessObject>>
class Contract <<$businessContract>>

Product *- "0-*" Service : comprised of
Service *- "0-*" Function : ...
Function *- Process
Event -- Function
Role -- Process

## Examples ##

## PlantUML ##

With plantuml, you can get close enough for many cases:


class "Handle claim" as HC <> <<$businessProcess>>
class "Capture Information" as CI <<$businessProcess>> <>
class "Notify\nAdditional Stakeholders" as NAS <<$businessProcess>> <>
class "Validate" as V <<$businessProcess>> <>
class "Investigate" as I <<$businessProcess>> <>
class "Pay" as P <<$businessProcess>> <>

HC *-down- CI
HC *-down- NAS
HC *-down- V
HC *-down- I
HC *-down- P

CI -right-> NAS
NAS -right-> V
V -right-> I
I -right-> P

class "Scanning" as scanning <<$applicationService>> #A9DCDF
class "Customer admnistration" as customerAdministration <<$applicationService>> #A9DCDF
class "Claims admnistration" as claimsAdministration <<$applicationService>> #A9DCDF
class Printing <<$applicationService>> #A9DCDF
class Payment <<$applicationService>> #A9DCDF

scanning -up-> CI
customerAdministration -up-> CI
claimsAdministration -up-> NAS
claimsAdministration -up-> V
claimsAdministration -up-> I
Printing -up-> V
Printing -up-> P
Payment -up-> P

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