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RASCI is an acronym to assign roles to stakeholders when developing IT:AD:ToRs, IT:AD:RFPs, PIDs, etc:

  • Responsible [for the correct completion for decision (eg: PM) or task (eg: Dev)]]
  • Aaccountable [exactly 1 person, accountable, who signs off acceptance of the work done(eg: Business Owner, often by delegation to PM)]
  • Supporting [those Responsible]
    • I don't think anyone has clearly defined whether in the RASCI the PM is the only R, and Devs, Testers end up as S…or all three are R, and there are no Ss…
  • Consulted [as needed to complete the task (2-way communication). Eg: Business owner reps, their BAs, etc.]
  • Informed [as to progress (1-way communication). Eg: end users.]
Over time, I've found the ambiguity and confusion of using both S and C to not add much value, and returned to IT:AD:RACI.

I've seen it extended into the mapping additional players as follows:

  • Distracting but largely irrelevant (unfortunate 1 way, incoming)
  • Harmful (at cross-purposes)
Do not assign yourself or someone else as Responsible if they cannot control Outcome.