title Action Maturity Level

class Data
Data -Right-> Information

note bottom of Information
data. There
is no value
being lost
in Data
that is
end note

Information -Right-> Insight

note bottom of Insight
Information is the
already found and
categorized value.
Insight is newly
discovered value.
end note

Insight -Right-> Decision

note bottom of Decision
No use
gazing at
Insightful value
that doesn't
lead to a
end note

Decision -Right-> Action

note bottom of Action
No use having
a Decision that
doesn't become
an Action
end note
Action -Right-> Benefit

note bottom of Benefit
No use having
Action that is
not Beneficial
end note

  • Employees|Partners|Contractors|Suppliers|Visitors|Public|
  • Health|Friends|Family|Creation|
  • Data|Information|Insight|Decision|Action|Benefit
  • Discovery|Provisioning|Migration|Training|RelationshipBuilding|Summarizing
    • eg: Steps that Lee Harper went through with a school.
  • Organisation|Person|System
  • Compulsory|Warning|Information
    • Source: NZ Driving Code (Types of Alerts|Signs)
  • Objective|Principles|Scope(In&Out)|Unknown|Known|Assumption|Dependencies|Decision|Constraint|Prerequisites|Risk|Issue|Acceptance Metric/Expected Outcomes|[Action|Achieved]
    • Categorisation to use when documenting Design Documents

    * Time|Quality|Budget

    • Project management constraints
  • Irrelevent|Consistent|Compliant|Conformant|Fully COnformant|Non-Conformant
  • Parts Replenish
  • Procurement|Design|Build|Ship|Sales|Fulfillment|Billing|Support
  • Focus|Form|Techniques|Materials|Subject|Time period
    • classifiers of different architectures (ATE260)
  • Authentication|Authorisation|Auditing|Assurance|Availability|Asset Protection|Admin|Risk Management
    • We have endured a lot of pain, and not Assurance that it is better.
  • Reviewed|Rejected|Accepted|Endorsed
    • (verify)
  • Knowledge|Skill|Ability (KSA)|Attitude| (versus Experience)
  • Partially Compliant|Fully Compliant|Conformant|Fully Conformant
  • Compliant|Conformant|Certified
  • Old and Klunky|New and Funky
  • Do|Do Not ← A catalogue for Actions. Compare to IT:AD:MOSCOW and IT:AD:RFC 2119, used for IT:AD:Requirements
  • Mandraulic (Manual)|Automated
  • Evaluator|Advisor|
  • Costs: Development|Implementation|Integration|Storage|Subscription|
  • Custody|AUthorisation|REcording – IMPORTANT Segragation of Duties
  • Create|Store|Use|Share|Archiving|Destroy – Data lifecycle
  • Build|Configure|Harden|Patch|Lockdown