* (UP)


  • Support Technician must identify what the customer is trying to accomplish in order to “solve the problem, not the symptom”.
  • Tools: problems are solved using just the app UI/, and some form of knowledge store (wiki, etc.)
    • Eg: password resets, printer urls, etc.
  • The goal is to field 75% of support requests.
  • In enterprises, often handled by a 24/7 call center.
  • Support Technicians are responsible for assisting Support Level 1 Support Technicians by confirming the validity of the problem and seeking known solutions related to these more complex issues.
  • Tools: may include, but not limited to, onsite installations or replacements of various hardware, software, diagnostic testing, and the utilization of remote control tools used to take over the user’s machine for the sole purpose of troubleshooting and finding a solution to the problem.
  • If a problem is new and/or cannot be resolved by Support Level 2, they are responsible for raising this issue to Level 3 Support.
  • Responsible with assisting Level 2 Support Technicians, as well as research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues.