IT:AD:Patterns:Chunky over Chatty Strategy

Communicating over tiers, whether it be from the web browser in the Client Tier to the Presentation Tier, or from the Presentation Tier to the Application Logic Tier, is expensive as heck.

The same applies for communication from the [[IT/AD/Patterns/DDD/Components/App.Infrastructure/]] layer to the database, btw (ie, it's one of the arguments for stored procs versus chatty orm queries).

Therefore try to ensure that the arguments given to an over-the-wire call are enough for the handler to be able to call more than just one Application Service operation at a time. The more operations it can do in one go, the more performant the app will be.

Combined with IT:AD:Patterns:Cache Like Crazy Strategy, the perfomance hit required by over the wire serialization, deserialization, authentication, authorisation can be mitigated to a minimum.