XActLib/ is an interconnected set of assemblies that encapsulate common Enterprise LOB code, designed with SOLID principles in order to remain modular, maintainable, vendor agnostic – while remaining lightweight in terms of requirements and resources.

It leverages to select and install the correct assembly set for your current app's needs. makes it trivial to download and add the necessary assemblies to your next app without knowing too much about how they fit together – but that won't help much unless you know how to use the functionality within them.

You have several entry points:

  • Projects:XActLib:Services: a list of the Services within the library.
  • Projects:XActLib:Assemblies, a list of the Assemblies they are contained within.
  • Tutorials, listing some tutorials to get a feel for the library.
  • Examples have demonstrated the basics and you have the gist of how to use the library, you'll want to explore and find functionality to use.

* Legal: XActLib is made available as an open source project. Enjoy. * the library is downloadable via nuget – this is how. * Design Concepts: of interest to some. * XActLib:AD:Develop:Prerequisites compilation of the library requires some prerequisites.(Mercurial, etc.). * Disclaimer: It's a work in progress. It always will be. Until it's a dead, static, project. * TroubleShooting: You may need some tips. * Misc * Glossary: a glossary containing terms used throughout the documentation. * IT:AD:Design:Patterns: descriptions of the patterns, antipatterns and strategies that influence how the library is developed.

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