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Sky Sigal, +64 21 159 6440,,


Solution Architect with a strong technical background and 16 years professional experience. Focused on designing and delivering pragmantic, maintainable medium to large scale commercial and enterprise solutions.


I've held senior technical design and leadership positions, in charge of ensuring business needs are met by resilient, modular and maintainable solutions:

  • at Xero, among many projects, I designed the messaging system used by its primary products,
  • at Datacom, I led teams delivering solutions to banks and ministries (ANZ,NAB,KiwiBank,DOL,LINZ,MOE),
  • as Solution Architect, I was the architect chosen to handle its first overseas client (NAB),
  • as Application Architect, I was again Datacom's choice to manage MOE's National Student Index (NSI).
  • Prior to NZ I worked in NY, then Paris, running an architecture tool software company.
    I've built market opportunities, managed clients, employees and production from discovery to delivery.


  • I listen carefully to stakeholders in order to design right-sized, targeted, high-value options.
  • I stay abreast of technologies & local capabilities to ensure proposing current yet feasible designs.
  • I measure twice, cut once, scheduling the removal of unknowns and risks without removing quality.
  • I am wary of the long term costs of 3rd party services – and design for them accordingly.
  • I avoid reinventing solutions: IT is an engineering discipline where rigorous analysis and knowledge of past proven solutions produces repeatable successes.


I have great empathy for end users and stakeholders who put their trust in my designs and the teams needed to deliver them. For over two decades, both in the IT industry and before that the building trade (as a residential/commercial architect) I've aimed to create self-managing team cultures committed to delivering excellence on time:

  • communicating clearly the business value common effort can create,
  • providing a common technical and design vocabulary in order to develop a coherent solution,
  • ensuring the knowledge needed to do the tasks is made available,
  • ensuring the uninterrupted time needed to concentrate on solving problems is scheduled,
  • rewarding unambiguous brevity when reporting repeatable progress.


I am also comfortable overseeing software delivery adhering to either:

  • an iterative waterfall process (Discover/Define/Design/Develop/Defects/Deliver/Document), or
  • an Agile approach of scrum, sprints, and Kanban storyboarding from backlog to completion.
  • a mature yet Agile approach, using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for larger projects.


I prepare carefully in order to present with confidence and comfort, bringing clarity to complexity.
I've been a regular speaker at .NET User Groups, have spoken at the Solutions Architects User Group, created, co-chaired and hosted the Wellington Silverlight/Windows Mobile User Group (SLAMD)'s bi-weekly meetings. Have presented before audiences of 200+ attendees (CodeCamp, Wellington and Auckland during TechEd 09/10).

Education, Certifications and Technology Awards

  • 5-stars rating (Highly Recommended) by Cadalyst Magazine (for XPrint, see below).
  • A Microsoft Certified Program Developer (MCPD).
  • Full scholarship (B.Arch), Cooper Union, NY.
  • Competent Toastmaster (CTM).
  • Attended Small Team Leadership courses.
  • Studying for the TOGAF Certification.


Quotes from various sources reflect my attention to quality and delivering value over the years:

  • “You were a key part of the team. the messaging service is actually one of the more successful projects we've had from an architectural point of view…so that's a testament to your ideals and something you should be very proud of.” Craig Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Xero
  • “Detailed and determined. High quality of work, low defect counts and rates of return, creator of ideal solutions. Pride and pleasure in challenging projects and timelines.” Justin Chau, Test Team Lead, Datacom.
  • “We just downloaded the much anticipated new software to have a look at it. OUTSTANDING.” T. Kesteloot, Tempest Management Corporation, Ontario, Canada
  • “I have researched other products, and nothing is as simple and effective as your original XPrint.” A. Ip, Masongsong Associates Engineering Limited, Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • “it's VERY stable…always has been. I've been using your work since XPlot and XStamp with two different companies.” J. Baker, Clifford Taylor Architects, Colorado Springs, Colorado


  • American, fluent in French, an ex hang-glider pilot, I've designed kitchens, a nightclub and stores in New York, Maryland and Seoul. I don't fly any more: I'm a parent of a little Kiwi girl of primary school age, who defeats all attempts at programming her.
  • I've been accused of being intense about subjects I am interested in.

Relevant Skills

  • Discover, Definition and Design:
    • Documents: SWOTs, RFPs, NFRs, SADs, TDDs, Deployment & Support Documentation.
    • Tools: Word/Excel, Visio, EA, PlantUML, FileNet, Sharepoint.
  • Development and Delivery:
    • Task management and code reviews: TFS, JIRA, Kanban
    • Development frameworks: .NET Framework 4.5, Compact Framework
    • UX: WebAPI, MVC, Angular, Durandal, D3, WebForms, WPF, Ag.
    • Tools: VS, Bower, Grunt
    • Identity: SAML-P, OAuth, OpenID, WS-Federation, WIF, iGovt,
    • Messaging & Workflows: MSMQ, WCF, SOAP, REST, POX, WF, XAML, K2
    • ORMs: EF, LLBGen, NHibernate, ADO.NET, ADO, ODBC.
    • Data storage: SqlServer, MySQL, PostGres, Sqlite, CE, RavenDb, DurangoDb.
    • APIs/SDKs: Sharepoint, K2, MSOffice, IQOffice, AutoCAD
    • SC & CB: TFS, Mercurial, Git, Subversion, TeamCity, Jenkins, CruiseControl
    • Automated Testing: Selenium, MSTest, NUnit
    • Deployment: InstallShield, WIX, MSBuild, MSDeploy, SQL Compare.
    • Languages: C#, JScript, Powershell. C++/C, PHP, LISP, Perl, VB6, VBA/VBScript


The following project details are shared In Confidence:

Datacom (2010 - Present)

68-86 Jervois Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

  • Summary: Team Lead, Solution Architect for the largest privately held IT company in the country, designing multimillion national dollar projects.
  • Accomplishments: architect of choice for demonstrating the company's capabilities.
  • Projects:
    • Ministry of Education (MOE) National Student Index Replacement Project
    • Kiwibank Mobile Banking Application
    • ANZ Personal Loan Application Website
    • ANZ Global Task Management (GTM) System - Technology Refresh
    • ANZ K2 based Feasibility Study
    • National Australian Bank (NAB) Paperless Office System
    • Department of Labour (DOL) VisaView

Xero (2009 – 2010)

98 Customhouse Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

  • Summary: designed resilient services for a multimillion, international product.
  • Accomplishments: designed the notification stack still used by all products.
  • Projects:
    • Xero Notification Service
    • Xero Business Database Sharding Project
    • Xero Unified Template based Reporting Service
    • Personal and Organisation Trial Onboarding Orchestration Service

XAct Software Solutions, Inc. (1998 – 2007),

511 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10011

  • Responsibilities: Identifying opportunities, managing design, development, testing, sales and support.
  • Accomplishments: Consistent exceptional customer support, and positive customer feedback.
  • Products:
    • XPrint Logger Pro
    • XPlot Logger Pro
    • XSketch
    • XProtect