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    Copy from the output DEBUG or RELEASE dir, and copy it to another project's DEBUG or RELEASE dir… /S = Copy dirs and subdirs except empty ones /i = if copying more than one file, assume target is a Dir /F = Display full source and dest name while copying /C = Continue even if there is an error /Q = Does not display name while copying…(cancels /F) /Y Suppress prompting. /E = Copy dir and subdir. Including empty ones. /R = Overwrite read-only xcopy “$(TargetDir).” “$(ProjectDir)SomeProjectName\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\” /S /I /F /C /Q /Y What I have in XLib is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\xcopy.exe “$(TargetDir).” “$(SolutionDir)_CompiledAssemblies\$(ConfigurationName)” /E /Y /R

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