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Visual Studio Team Services are: * It Services to complements your IDE (ie: Visual Studio IDE) for teams to share code, track work, and ship software – for any language, all in a single package

VSTSVersion Control ServiceBuild Management ServiceWork Item Management ServiceGitTFVCRelease Management ServiceBuild ControllerHosted Build AgentsPrivate Build AgentsTest Management ServiceTFS

* Advantages:

  • Although developed by Microsoft, it's a new era: any language, any platform

* Considerations:

  • Pricing 1):
    • Free for MSDN holders.
    • Free for WorkItem users (ie BAs, Managers, etc.)
    • Not free for others, but not sure who this would matter to (10:$30/m,50:$350/m,100:$750/m,$1000:$4350/m)
  • Integration:
    • By default it is competing with, rather than integrating well, with other common products such as those by Atlaysian.
    • Some tasks – such as importing Requirements from a spreadsheet – have some lock in to using Excel. But everybody has access to Excel.

* Disadvantages: * Uncertainty:

  • What are the effects on ongoing billing for projects that are closed. Do records have to be disconnected, handed over to another account?

Visual Studio Team Services is the current name for what was Visual Studio Online (which was Team Foundation Services before that)…

Team Foundation ServiceVisual Studio OnlineVisual Studio Team Services

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