IT:AD:Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)


ColorWhen should it be used?How may it be shared?
REDSources may use TLP: RED when information cannot be effectively acted upon by additional parties, and could lead to impacts on a party's privacy, reputation, or operations if misused.Recipients may not share TLP: RED information with any parties outside of the specific exchange, meeting, or conversation in which it is originally disclosed.
AMBERSources may use TLP: AMBER when information requires support to be effectively acted upon, but carries risks to privacy, reputation, or operations if shared outside of the organizations involved.Recipients may only share TLP: AMBER information with members of their own organization who need to know, and only as widely as necessary to act on that information.
GREENSources may use TLP: GREEN when information is useful for the awareness of all participating organizations as well as with peers within the broader community or sector.Recipients may share TLP: GREEN information with peers and partner organizations within their sector or community, but not via publicly accessible channels.
WHITESources may use TLP: WHITE when information carries minimal or no foreseeable risk of misuse, in accordance with applicable rules and procedures for public release.TLP: WHITE information may be distributed without restriction, subject to copyright controls.
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