Posh-git is an extension for IT:AD:Powershell which provide Git integration to the IT:AD:POSH (IT:AD:Powershell shell).

Many devs still use classic IT:AD:CLI – but MS is making a push for them to get with the program and use IT:AD:Powershell for everything from here on in (been added prominently on the Start bar of new WIndows installs for a while now, whereas the CommandPrompt is not, every CommandPrompt command works on the IT:AD:Powershell commandline, etc).

Hence why when ever we are talking about Git from the command line, we're really talking about using Git from the IT:AD:Powershell command line… And that's why we're talking about IT:AD:PoshGit.

As many have already stated before…if you are using Git on a Windows station, you owe it to yourself to install Poshgit.

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