It's a good idea to create Personas of User Stakeholders before you create Use Cases for them.

We capture the current state, and sell the future state.

  • Give the Persona:
    • Name/Age/Gender
  • Current State:
    • Personal Attributes:
      • Tolerance to Change
        • Adoption of New Technologies
        • Technical Support Needs
        • Could teach others
      • Influence (Social interactions and ability to spread knowledge)
    • Technology Appetite Continuum:
    • Schedule: what is a day in the life of the Persona look like?
      • Use Outlook (some day in the past) to create and screenshot a mock day/week Schedule.
    • Locations: from where does the Persona work now?
      • On Premise
      • Across Organisations
      • Mobile
      • Remote
  • Future State:
    • Personal Attribute:
      • May have had to expand their ability to tolerate change.
    • Schedule: their day now looks like the following (easier)
    • Locations: they can now work from the following locations.

Alternatively, you could measure impact by demonstrating better Qualities:

  • Qualities:
    • Flexibility
      • Time/Location
  • Primary School Student
  • Secondary School Student
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • School ICT Administrator
  • School Administrator
  • School Principle
  • ICT External Service Integrator
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