IT:AD:Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)


Admittedly, the modern internet is not built on OSI, but on the simpler [IT/AD/TCPIP|TCP/IP]] protocol – but it's model is still used as it helps visualise how networks operate. Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layers * 7. Application: * 6. Presentation: where data is encoded and encrypted for transmission within a Session. * 5. Session: responsible for maintains connections using sessions and ports * 4. Transport: transmit using protocols such as TCP/IP, breaking things into sections, and reassembling on the other side, controlling flow, error control, and resending * 3. Network: responsible for choosing the path data takes * 2. Data link: defines format of data on the network * 1. Physical: transmits raw bit streams over physical mediums ## Sources ## *

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