IT:AD:Open Data


The Declaration has been approved by Cabinet. Cabinet has: * directed all Public Service departments, the New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Defence Force, the Parliamentary Counsel Office, and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service;

Foundation is NZDIMP and NZGOAL. * NZDIMP:

  • Open:
    • APIs MUST be outward (web) facing
  • Protected
    • APIs MUST be protected
      • Anon and Authenticated Session
      • Hardware
  • Readily Available
    • Doesn't need claims/onboarding
  • Trusted/Authoritative
    • Validate
  • Well Managed
    • OPEX on systems AND data quality
  • Reasonably Priced
    • They already paid their taxes, and we overspent. What else do you want?!?
  • Reusable.
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