IT:AD:New Zealand Web Usability Standard


NZ Government Procurement Principles and Rules dictate the applicability of this standard.

In addition:

*“In 2003, Cabinet directed all Public Service departments and Non-Public Service departments in the State Services to implement the New Zealand Government Web Standards (then called the Web Guidelines) [CAB Min (03) 41/2B]. … Cabinet also agreed that the Web Standards could be updated regularly to reflect changing technology.”

Applicability (from NZ Government Procurement Principles and Rules):

“If a Public Service department, New Zealand Police or New Zealand Defence Force outsources web development work, it must include, in its Notice of Procurement, a pre-condition for the work to comply with the mandatory requirements in the latest version of the New Zealand Government web standards.”

Applicability (from NZ Web Usability Standard):

“Publicly available” means a website or web page that is produced or maintained, in part or in whole, by the New Zealand Government organisation to which this Standard applies; and, can be accessed by individuals who are not employed by a New Zealand Government Public Service department or Non-Public Service department in the State Services.

This includes a website or web page behind a login authentication mechanism that controls access by users outside the responsible New Zealand Government organisation.

“The Website must conform to this Standard from 01 August 2014.”

The following should be converted to IT:AD:OCRRA notation before use.

  • Home Page (HP)
    • MUST: Th HomePage (HP) must include Organisation's name and/or logo [WUS: 2.1.1].
    • MUST: Th HomePage (HP) must include a visible link to [WUS: 2.1.2].
  • Contact Us Page (CUP)
    • MUST: The Contact Use Page (CUP) must be provided [WUS: 2.2.1].
    • MUST: The Home Page (HP) must unambiguously/clearly provide a link to the CUP [WUS: 2.2.3].
    • MUST: The Contact Use Page (CUP) must unambiguously indicate that it provides contact information for the Website (e.g. “For enquiries related to or the Ministry…”) [WUS: 2.2.2] .
    • MUST: The Contact Use Page (CUP) must provides contact information to obtain help or contacting organisation responsible for website [WUS 2.2.1].
    • MUST: The Contact Use Page (CUP) must include the following [WUS: 2.2.4]:
      • the address of an email account that is regularly monitored by the website’s responsible organisation;
      • the telephone number for each call centre that supports a service provided by the website; and,
      • a regularly monitored postal address.
    • SHOULD: The Contact Use Page (CUP) should include the following [WUS: 2.2.5]:
      • the number of a monitored telephone line;
      • a physical street address, if applicable; and,
      • a link to the New Zealand Relay Service for people who are deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired.
  • Copyright:
    • MUST: The Website's must include a General Copyright Statement (GCS) [WUS: 2.3.1]
    • MUST: The Home Page (HP) must unambiguously/clearly provide a link to the General Copyright Statement (GCS) [WUS: 2.3.3]
    • MUST: The copyright statement (e.g. “Copyright material on and is protected by copyright owned by the Ministry on behalf of the Crown, and may be used for […] subject to […]”) must [WUS: 2.3.2]:
      • clearly indicate that it applies to the Website;
      • state that copyright material on the Website is protected by copyright; and,
      • set out the licensing terms under which the Website’s material can be re-used by others.
    • MUST: If the website contains 3rd party copyright material, refer to [WUS 2.3.4]
    • SHOULD: The General Copyright Statement (GCS) should apply [WUS: 2.3.5].
    • SHOULD: The General Copyright Statement (GCS) should apply [WUS: 2.3.6].
  • Privacy:
    • MUST: The Website must link to a Privacy Statement (PS) [WUS: 2.4.1].
    • MUST: The Home Page (HP) must unambiguously/clearly link to the Privacy Statement (PS) [WUS: 2.4.3]
    • MUST: The Privacy Statement (PS) must clearly indicate [WUS: 2.4.2]:
      • the scope of the statement and that it applies to the Website (e.g. “This privacy notice applies to personal information collected on and”),
      • the circumstances in which personal information is collected;
      • by whom it is held (e.g. the responsible organisation and/or third parties);
        • any choices users have as to whether such information is collected in the first place;
        • the uses to which collected personal information may be put;
        • the circumstances in which it may be disclosed;
        • users’ rights to request access to and/or correct personal information, and contact details for such purposes.
        • the collection and use of statistical information, including users’ IP addresses;
        • a statement that cookies are used, if that is the case, and a brief description of their purpose;
        • MAY: The Copyright and Privacy information may be combined on the same page (eg:

        * Links to non-HTML files

    • MUST: With the exception of links on archived web pages, links to non-HTML files must be accompanied by the file’s format and size [WUS: 2.5.1]
  • Printable web pages:
    • Each web page, must be printable as black text on a white background [WUS: 2.6.3] in its entirety on standard sheets of paper [WUS: 2.6.1], excluding content navigation, banner, breadcrumbs, search form [WUS: 2.6.2].
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