IT:AD:New Zealand Web Accessibility Standard

Applicability: “Based on a 2003 mandate established by Cabinet (Cabinet Minute (03)41/2B), all Public Service departments and Non-Public Service departments in the State Services (external site link) are directed to implement the Standard.”
Applicability: * all publicly available web pages. This includes pages behind logins. * since 01 July 2014, internally facing web pages accessed by Ministry staff as well. * By July 2016:
  • all publicly accessible web pages
  • all internal web pages created, redesigned, or redeveloped since 01 July 2014

* By 01 July 2017:

  • all web pages must conform to the Standard.
Exemptions: * There is no process by which a mandated organisation can secure an exemption from the requirement to meet the Standard.
  • Instead, each organisation is responsible for meeting the Standard, and accordingly accepts any risks associated with not doing so.
  • In the case that an organisation does not fully meet the Standard, it will be required to manage any risk associated with that lack of conformance by performing a risk assessment and submitting a plan to address, over time, those areas of non-conformance.
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