IT:AD:Net Core

  • .NET Core is the biggest change to Microsoft’s managed development platform since its introduction in 2002.
  • Microsoft has forked .NET into two streams:
    • .NET Framework, now at version 4.6, a system component since Vista.
    • .NET Core is a fork of the .NET Framework

    * .NET Core is a new, more modular framework designed from the ground up to be cross-platform.

  • .NET Core is so new that Visual Studio 2015 only had a preview version of it, without tooling, runtime, or libraries complete.
  • .NET Core was developed with two specific purposes in mind:
    • .NET Native, true native compilation for .NET code, which is used for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
      • According to Microsoft, it would not have been possible to implement .NET Native without refactoring .NET to be more modular, enabling the compiler to strip out everything that is not used by the application.
        • The other is enable the latest version of Microsoft’s web application framework, namely IT:AD:ASP.NET Core.

        * It's open sourced on GitHub.

  • The .NET Core project does not cover desktop applications as they are too Windows specific (eg: WPF and WinForms are out).

Inside .NET Core (2) * Universal Windows Platform apps and ASP.NET 5 apps share a unified Base Class Library (BCL).

  • .NET has two parts, distributed through:
    • The runtime is called CoreCLR,
      • the core libraries called CoreFX.

      * Applications are deployed with only the libraries they need.

The .NET Execution Environment All .NET applications need a runtime layer that hosts the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and bootstraps the application.

Microsoft has developed a new cross-platform runtime host called the .NET Execution Environment which is designed for ASP.NET 5 but can also be used for console applications. The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) also includes tools for installing, creating and managing NuGet packages, so once DNX is installed you have all the essentials for building and running .NET applications.

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