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**IMPORTANT**: Run IISExpress (ie Visual Studio) in Admin mode if you have to do *any* changes to applicationhost.config (or changes get lost due to Visual Studio registering another website.
  • Requires:
    • Download IIS Express Downloader (not included in SP1)
    • Requires SP1
  • Conversion of file:
    • Just right click project in Solution Explorer and select Run in IIS Express.
    • It adds stuff to PReferences tab that is not normally seen
    • Right click icon to see source of files, and config file. Not much to fiddle with.
  • Why?
    • Cassini has issues. See below.
    • IIS Express does not need Administrator account.
    • No conflict, side-by-side with full IIS and ASP.NET Development Server
    • Works on Windows XP or higher.
    • Supports host headers.
    • Supports SSL
      • Automatically installs a self-signed cert for SSL and enables URL ACLs for ports. See
    • Take advantage of: Media Extensions, Dynamic Compression, Advanced Logging, Custom Security
  • Facts:
    • IIS Express runs under current logged on user identity.
    • IIS 7.5 Express supports 64-bit architectures using the WoW64 subsystem. Full 64-bit support will be considered for future releases.
  • Configuration:
    • Managed on a per user basis: %userprofile%\documents\IISexpress\config
  • Resources:
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