IT:AD:Government Rules of Sourcing


When applicable, Government Procurement Rules determine some of the Compliance requirements that must be met (eg: see New Zealand Web Standards).

“If a Public Service department, New Zealand Police or New Zealand Defence Force outsources web development work, it must include, in its Notice of Procurement, a pre-condition for the work to comply with the mandatory requirements in the latest version of the New Zealand Government web standards.”

  • Rule 6: Defines the Rules shall be applicable to all Public Services.
  • Rule 7: Defines the Rules are applicable when the estimated total is in excess of $100,000
  • Rule 11: Defines the Rules are applicable to the current type of contract.
  • Rule 13: Defines the Rules cannot be opted out of (note: 13.3.k is not a valid reason).
  • Rule 19: Defines that the procurement must be submitted to MBIE as an Extended Procurement Forecast (EPF).
  • Rule 41: Addresses reasons to exclude vendors from further government work due to serious omissions. Would this include security/performance statements made in previous RFPs?
  • Rule 58: Defines that web standards have to be met by .
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