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FURPS was an acronym to classify requirements outside of Domain (ie Business) IT:AD:Functional Requirements.

The most important thing to know about FURPS is: it's supercedd by IT:AD:ISO 25010.

FURPS+ stands for:

  • Function Requirements: cross-system requirements.
  • Usability Requirements: UX consistency, usability, accessibility, aesthetics.
  • Reliability Requirements: availability, accuracy, recoverability.
  • Performance Requirements: throughput, response time, recovery time, start-up time, and shutdown time.
  • Supportability Requirements: testability, adaptability, maintainability, compatibility, configurability, installability, scalability, and localizability.

The '+' define the following constraints: * Design requirements: architectural, infrastructural constraints. * Implementation requirements: coding constraints (standards, language, resource limits). * Interface requirements (SAML, REST, throughput, schedule, format, with what system) * Physical requirements (not often an issue with software, but location, shape, size, weight)

* Advantages:

* Considerations:

  • The acronym is valuable at ensuring key requirements are not missed – but there is risk in getting complacent and believing the acronym covers all requirements.

* Disadvantages:

  • The term Supplemental in an unfortunate choice: stakeholders do not readily see their value, instead perceiving the supplemental specifications as afterthoughts to the Functional Requirements.
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