IT:AD:Folder Structure


Every enterprise has media that needs to be organised in a manner that is Learnable, Resource Efficient, Secure.

The following examples has the following qualities:

  • Uses numbers for Ordering, facilitating understanding (Learnable)
  • Reuses same numbering scheme, no matter what folder it is (Learnable)
  • Provides a means to Publish deliverables at fixed locations that won't be changed.
  • Has Access defined first, so that even _Unsorted can be secured.
  • Separate folders to capture Direction, Reporting, and Execution, while providing general Resources shareable by all.
  • You can have two Directions for example, one that is Team or even Group or Public knowledge. One that is Private knowledge.
  • 10.Access:
    • 11.Private (private)
    • 12.Team (private folder)
    • 13.Group Released to all Simbling and parent Groups
      • 14.Org Released to all Org
      • 15.Public Released to all Public

      * 20.Reliability:

    • 21.Fixed: (not used here)
    • 22.Dynamic: (not used here)
  • 30.Unsorted * 40.Resources: (media, links, etc.)
  • 51.Direction:
    • 51.Envisioning: (Governance & Decisions)
    • 51.Transition: (Governance & Decisions)
    • 52.Finances: (As basis of Procurement) * 53.Procurement: *(Master Agreements, SOWs, Correspondence, etc.)
  • 60.Status:
    • 61.ExecSummary (BOSSCARDDD: Background, Problem Def, Objectives, Scope, Stakeholders, Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Drivers, Dependencies, Decisions, Deliverables, Direction/Governance)
    • 62.Reports: (Status reports)
    • 63.Postmortem: (Record the extracted value of the investment. Extract delivery learnings.)
  • 70.Execution:
    • 71.Discovery: (Drivers, Dependencies, Desires)
    • 72.Desires: (Drivers, Dependencies, Desires)
    • 73.Definition: (HL Requirements, Quality Requirements, Detailed Requirements)
    • 74.Design: (Business Plan, and/or System Plan)
    • 75.Development: (Progress tracking, deliverable docs being developed)
    • 76.Deliverable: (Released documents, Artifacts, Progress Reports, etc.)
    • 77.Operations: (Documents to keep things moving)
    • 78.Maintenance: (Dealing with issues)
    • 10.Decommission: (All projects end. What happened next?)
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