IT:QD:Enterprise Architecture


What is an Enterprise?

It is any collection of organisations that have a common set of Goals.

Enterprise Architecture covers a collection of * systems* for a collection of functional groups.

What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework?

An architecture framework provides: * method to describe a target state in terms of building blocks and how they fit together. * a set of tools and common vocab. * a list of recommended standards and to implement the building blocks.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

* To provide a strategic context in which to use and evolve IT resources in order to optimize fragmented [manual/automated] processes across the Enterprise into an integrated environment that is:

  • Responsive to change
  • Supportive of the delivery of the business strategy.

* to return a better investment, reduce risk for future investment.

  • More efficient Business:
    • Lower business operation costs
    • More agile organisation
    • BUsiness capabilities shared across the organisation
    • Lower change management costs
    • Improved business productivity
  • More efficient IT:
    • Lower software costs
    • Increased portability
    • Improved security
    • Improved upgradeability
  • More efficient Investment:
    • Reduce complexity
    • Maximize investment
    • Improve procurement flexibility (and subsequent integration)
  • More efficient Procurement:
    • Simpler to decide due to better information
    • Faster procurement
    • Procure Multi-Vendor Open Systems
      • Obtain economies of scale.
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