IT:AD:Documentation Services

Documentation can/should be developed for any of the following:

  • Code (consider using a Wiki integrated in the Core Repository, but that only goes so far before you may need a running website to demo working code, such as API calls from JavaScript).
  • APIs (see above)
  • User Interface
  • [Internal] Support Processes

DocumentationCodeAPIsUser ExperienceSupportProcessesFor DevelopmentSpecialistStakeholdersFor externaltechnicalCollaboratorStakeholdersFor Customer,Business Serviceand CustomerSupportServiceStakeholdersFor Business Serviceand Customer SupportServiceStakeholders

Support ProcessesDocumentationDeploymentTestingSystem MonitoringUser/Role ManagementFor System ServicesStakeholdersfor Testing ServiceStakeholdersfor System SupportServiceandSecurity ServiceStakeholdersfor Customer SupportService

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