## Summary ##

Although Waterfall is on the way out, the transition to Agile is a slow process for many: contractual process remains traditional, and the production has moved to Scrum (known as ScrumFall).

hasn't yet replaced it in its entirety. Many of the Waterfall Every one of the 6D/ processes produces deliverables, in the form of documents.

Worth considering before you embark on another 100 page opus:

The overall flow of deliverables is as follows:


Note:Some of the above steps run parrallel (BRD and URD for example)
  • BCD:Business Case Document
  • Project Initiation Agenda
  • Resources: Feasibility Study
  • Project Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Project or Issue Submission Form
  • Project Team Definition
  • Initiate Project CheckList

The Client has to do some Discovery of its own Business needs before it Decides it wants to solicite for a provider to develop the solution.

  • MA: “Master Agreement” agreement between client and vendor.
  • IT:AD:Documentation:SOW: “Statement of Work” agreement between client and vendor.

The vendor has Discover the needs of the Client/.

Requirements should be:

  • Correct
  • Unambiguous
  • Complete
  • Consistent
  • Ranked for importance and/or stability
  • Verifiable
  • Modifiable
  • Traceable


Even in the IT:AD:Development phase, in addition to the actual solution being produced, there are related documents.

These are:

After it's been Deployed, Declare it's ready. Promote Organisational Awareness. Get the Word out.



  • RFI: Request for Information about a service company and its capabilities/suitability for an upcoming proposal.
  • RFP: Request for Proposal





*.docx Template

* Summary * Project Description * Option Assessment

  • Options 1-n
    • SWOT

* Describe in terms of Business, not technology

* Strength * Weaknesses * Opportunities * Threats

[Requirements Specifications] (

  • Functionality [Biz Caps, Security]
  • Usability [Human Factors, Accessibility, Consistency, Aesthetics, Documentation]
  • Reliablity [FailureRatio, Severity, Recoverabiltiy, Predictabilty, Accuracy]
  • Performance [Responsiveness, Throughput, Speed, Resource Consumption,
  • Supportability [Testability, Extensibility, Adaptability, Maintainability, Compatibility, Configurability, Serviceability, Installability, Localizability, Portability]
  • Correct
  • Unambiguous
  • Complete
  • Consistent
  • Ranked for importance and/or stability
  • Verifiable
  • Modifiable
  • Traceable
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