any devs still use classic IT:AD:CLI – but MS is making a push for them to get with the program and use IT:AD:Powershell for everything from here on in (been added prominently on the Start bar of new WIndows installs for a while now, whereas the CommandPrompt is not, every CommandPrompt command works on the IT:AD:Powershell commandline, etc).

Hence why when ever we are talking about Git from the command line, we're really talking about using Git from the IT:AD:Powershell command line… And that's why we're talking about IT:AD:PoshGit.

Common Line Redirection operators

> redirects to a file or device
< reads from a file instead of keyboard
>> appends to a file
>& writes from one handle to another handle
<& reads rom one handle into another handle
| reads output from one and writes it to input of another command (Pipe)

Use input

//Read from a file (sorts the contents of file1.txt)
sort < file.txt

Capture output:

  //Pipe results to a file.
  sc query > results.txt
  //Pipe things to the screen, but in pages
  sc query | more
  //press Enter to move one line....
  //press Space to move down one page...
  Persisting Command Line results
  First -- remember that you can invoke any command line application from the Run, and persist the info on screen with the /K
  cmd /K ping

Most Common

  dsa.msc    *** AD user/group management    
  gpedit.msc    *** Group policies
  lusrmgr.msc    *** Local users and groups
  services.msc    *** Various Services
  certmgr.msc    *** certificate manager
  appwiz.cpl    *** Add/Remove Programs control
  firewall.cpl    *** windows firewall
  sysdm.cpl    *** System Properties control
  msconfig    System Configuration Utility
  msinfo32    System Information

MSC Tools

dsa.msc    *** AD user/group management    
ciadv.msc    indexing service
compmgmt.msc    Computer management
devmgmt.msc    Device manager
dfrg.msc    Disk defragmenter
diskmgmt.msc    Disk management
eventvwr.msc    Event viewer
fsmgmt.msc    Shared folders
gpedit.msc    *** Group policies
lusrmgr.msc    *** Local users and groups
ntmsmgr.msc    removable storage operator request
perfmon.msc    Performance monitor
rsop.msc    Resultant set of policies
secpol.msc    Local security settings
services.msc    *** Various Services
secpol.msc    local security settings
certmgr.msc    *** certificate manager
wmimgmt.msc    windows management infrastructure

CPL Tools

ac3filter.cpl    ac3 filter(if installed)
access.cpl    accessibility option control
appwiz.cpl    *** Add/Remove Programs control
desk.cpl    Display Properties control
directx.cpl    direct x control panel (if installed)
findfast.cpl    FindFast control
firewall.cpl    *** windows firewall
hdwwiz.cpl    add hardware wizard
inetcpl.cpl    Internet Properties control
intl.cpl    regional and language options
joy.cpl    game controllers control
jpicpl32.cpl    java control panel(if installed)
main.cpl    *** Mouse Properties control
mmsys.cpl    Multimedia Properties control
ncpa.cpl    network control
netsetup.cpl    network setup wizard
nusrmgr.cpl    user accounts control
odbccp32.cpl    odbc data souce administrator
password.cpl    Password Properties control
powercfg.cpl    power options properties control
joy.cpl    game controllers control
sysdm.cpl    *** System Properties control
sticpl.cpl    scanner and camera control
tlephon.cpl    telephone and modem options
timedate.cpl    Date/Time Properties control
waaucpl.cpl    automatic updates
wscui.cpl    security center

Control tools

control admintools    Administrative tools
control color    display properties(appearance)
control desktop    desktop properties
control folders    folder properties
control fonts    fonts properties
control keyboard    keyboard properties
control netconnections    network connections
control mouse    mouse properties
control printers    printer and fax options
control schedtasks    schedualed tasks


dxdiag    direct x troubleshooter
ddeshare    dde share
cliconfg    sql client configuration
cmd    command prompt
dcomcnfg    component services
clipbrd    clipboard
chkdsk    check disk utility
fsquirt    bluetooth transfer wizard
folders    folders properties
font    fonts folder
freecell    freecell
calc    calculator
charmap    character graph
cleanmgr    too long to explain but useful
command    Opens command prompt
diskpart    disk partition manager
explorer    Explorer
iexpress    iexpress wizard
javaws    java control panel(in installed)
logoff    logs you out of windows
magnity    windows magnifier
msconfig    *** System Configuration Utility
msinfo32    *** System Information
msimn    letterbox
mailto:    Opens default email client
notepad    notepad
osk    keyboard
packager    object packager
perfmon    performance monitor
prefetch    the thing windows prepares
regedit    *** Registry Editor
shutdown    *** shutdown system
sfc    system file checker utility
taskmgr    task manager
telnet    telnet client
wab    windows address book
wabmig    windows address book (adding something)
win.ini    *** windows loading information(also system.ini)
winver    Shows current version of windows
winchat    Microsoft chat
sysedit    System Edit
tourstart    tour pub when os is installed
drwtsn32    Dr.Watson troubleshooting utility
verifier    driver verifier utility
sigverif    file signature verification tool
write    wordpad
utelman    utility manager
control userpassword2    user accounts.
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