“Use the power of .NET and C# to build full stack web apps without writing a line of JavaScript.”

  • Advantages:
    • Single language, server and client
  • Considerations:
    • Can run on Server (in Asp.Net Core), or Client (WebAssembly), or Native Desktop/Mobile (Hybrid)
    • On clientside, requires WebAssembly on which C# runs.
    • Blazor Native not yet available.
    • Can interop into JS libs.
  • Disadvantage:
    • As not JS, far behind burbling messy but cutting edge of front-end developement
    • Can do hybrid apps. But there are other more widely used libraries to achieve web on mobile or desktop (Cordova, React Native, etc).
    • Interop is possible, but far from ideal/standard
    • Reminds highly of Silverlight:
      • Productive, versatile, in C#.
      • But risks at any time being pulled due to low-profits for MS
      • And costs being apart from mainstream development options
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