IT:App Feature Usage Monitoring


Having information about how your customers are using your product affects:

  • Marketing

    * Product Roadmap

    • Remove Feature bloat
    • Effort focus (focus first on stuff that 80% use rather than only 20% use)
  • Sales
    • Improve conversion by focusing on what users want/use.

Analytics you may find useful to gather:

  • Geolocation: where are your users.
    • Makes nice marketing material on your website.
    • Informs you if and where you need to cache data to make a more responsive user experience.
  • User characteristics:
    • Age distribution of your users.
      • Not sure what this would drive.
    • Gender.
    • Market type
      • Lets you focus your advertising dollar on places where your clients hang out already.
    • Income.
      • Not sure how you can gather that. Affects marketing.
  • Stability:
    • Number of error reports generated. Per feature.
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