IT:AD:Access Control Service


  • Legacy System. See IT:AD:B2C
    • Will be retired November 2018.1)
    • β€œβ€œIn most cases, significant code changes are required to migrate existing apps and services to newer technologies. We recommend that you immediately begin planning and executing your migration to avoid any potential outages or downtime.”
  • Permits access to systems via Social Logins (Microsoft Accounts, Google, Facebook).
  • Problems within this space are:
    • Must be able to enroll users with social identities, but:
    • Different IdPs, requires redirection.
    • Different Protocols, Tokens, Claims require mapping based on configurable rules.
  • Migration:
    • Unfortunately, there isn't one service that offers all of these equivalent capabilities. You should evaluate which capabilities of Access Control you need, and then choose between using Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C), or another cloud authentication service.

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