• Accessible (ie: resilient, usable, accessible)
  • Anytime (ie: afterhours, and reduce downtimes).
  • Anywhere (ie: from within and outside of corporate firewalls)
    • Meets Accessible and Dependability Values, And Accessibility Qualities
  • Anyhow (ie: any channel, any device, that does not require special plugins, client certs, etc.)
  • Anyone (ie: available to any system or person – anonymous or identified – but will be filtered Appropriately based on Authorisation)
    • Meets Protective Qualities
  • Appropriate (ie: provide filtered projections which strip out sensitive data)
    • Note that Appriopriate implies Authorized implies Authenticated. It just changes it from a Binary blocker to a more fluid response (“Return more or less Attributes based on what (Roles/Claims) you provide”)
      • Implements Clemency Values
      • Meets Resilience Qualities

      * Audited (ie: all – including Views – operations are audited, as well as monitored and automatically alert as required).

    • Meets Accountable Values,
      • Meets Accountability Qualities

      * Accounted originally meant same as Accounted, but with Accounted already there, is better suited to remind you to Count (ie: counted used telemetry to understand use cases, and therefore subsequent effort allocation, as well as determining risk profile).

  • Administerable means the system can be modified (eg: Profiles, Roles, etc.) by the end use (eg: Self-Service/Self-Admin), or an dedicated admin staff.

It is common for Organisation's to confuse the concept of Securing something, and Secreting. The first is an preventative form of protection, the second is simply a vice, diametrically opposed to Transparency and Honesty.

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