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I liked that quote: “Evolution doesn’t care if you’re happy.”.

Mirrors what I've been saying about the US Declaration of independence's line “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”…with no guarantee you'll know what it looks like, find it, catch it, or keep it for any length of time.


The above report re-emphasises OCEAN:

  • Openness,
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extroversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism
2021/05/09 21:45 · skys

“OCEAN” model of personality: according to which we all have “big five” rather self-explanatory measurable traits:

  • openness (to experience),
  • conscientiousness,
  • extraversion,
  • agreeableness, and
  • neuroticism.

Src: https://nautil.us/issue/99/universality/the-weak-case-for-grit

Something for me to think about when combining with the recipe to creation:

  • Courageous, Exploration/Curiosity
  • Creation of Novel Re-combination
  • Experience embracing (including the failures)
  • Careful unbiased Observations of results
  • Free sharing of summaries
2021/05/02 03:45 · skys

“The first is that UML (well not UML specifically, but OO Analysis and Design) represents some pre-lapsarian school of thought from back when programmers used to think, and weren’t just shitting javascript into containers at ever-higher velocities. In this school, UML is something “we” lost along when we stopped doing software engineering properly, in the name of agile.”

Src: https://www.sicpers.info/2021/04/on-uml/

2021/04/29 04:06 · skys

Genius is rooted in an incessant quest for knowledge and an imagination that transcends boundaries. Roget’s early travels exposed him to foreign cultures and new terrain; science gave him structure… His mind never stopped.


2021/04/28 02:40 · skys

House Building

Then the team doesn't have anybody with vision…

2020/12/24 20:42 · skys

My expectations of myself this coming year:

  • Actively Contribute to
    1. communicating and re-establishing an understanding of the purpose of curricula, which is to
      1. developing the character and skills of the countries individuals to become:
        1. individual in creativity
        2. collaborative in effort
        3. collective in sense of justice
      2. in order to achieving well-being by
        1. valueless to valued (characterwise).
        2. self-esteeming themselves first,
        3. while gaining social esteem but relying on it only as a check-sum of their own self-assessment,
        4. progressing at their achievable pace along the continuum of:
          1. selfish to selfless,
          2. unskilled to skilled,
          3. helpless to helpful
    2. to collectively improve the socioeconomic valuation of the country, which at its essence is the balance of its creativity versus its consumption of resources.


2020/11/03 22:46 · skys

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