Not everyone is in position or has the qualities to successfully start and thrive a startup.

"Owning your career means have a picture in mind of what you want to do and proactively looking for opportunities which fill the canvas.
No opportunity will be perfect. This is the scary part — tradeoffs. There will always be new people to meet and skills to learn. You might need to give up mastery in a technology and become a student again. You may need to trade off pay for potential — everyone working at a startup implicitly makes that call. Your commute might suck. Your work life balance might suck. Maybe the workplace isn’t as diverse as you’d want. Perhaps the Chief Architect doesn’t agree with your tabs vs spaces world view. Maybe a million other things. But if you have a long-term career plan based on piecing together the right skills and experiences, it becomes easy to assess how any new role fits into the big picture."((
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