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Errata Blog

A blog about the current moment…

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“Every single person walking around has it in him or her to commit murder. Margaret Atwood once wrote that if we were all on trial for our thoughts, we would all be hanged.”


2019/06/23 19:33 · skys

“The libertarians may cry freedom and equality, but their world is the opposite. A Citigroup analysis of bitcoin from 2014 found that ‘47 individuals held about 30%, another 900 held a further 20%, the next 10,000 about 25% and another million about 20%.’ No country on earth has such an unequal distribution of assets and wealth.”

Src: https://tribunemag.co.uk/2019/05/the-bitcoin-scam

2019/06/18 21:20 · skys

Either the near future is one where toddlers are alone in front of their babysitting robot learning how to read and write by gagaging at it – or parents are home because they are unemployed due to robots.

2019/06/17 18:03 · skys

Hong Kong's so called “Iron Lady”, Anson Chan, was the chief secretary of Hong Kong from 1993 to 2001. She served under British rule and then Beijing's rule, too. Three years ago she said that Hong Kong's fate under the Basic Law was a vital concern to the whole world: “Because if China can, with impunity, walk away from its treaty obligations to Hong Kong, what does that say about China's attitude to its treaty obligations to other countries?” she told me. Once again, the world has been warned. The protests this week might have centred on Hong Kong, but freedom everywhere is under challenge.

Src: https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/113397982/hong-kongs-last-fight-is-lost

2019/06/11 23:22 · skys

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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“A frightened dog barks louder”

Src: kim-jong-un (regarding Trump).

2017/10/02 21:32 · skysigal

class MonkeyPoo extends Exception {}; ... throw new MonkeyPoo();

2016/10/24 11:18