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Errata Blog

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Wellington's Dev Scene

“Computing spread out much, much faster than educating unsophisticated people can happen. In the last 25 years or so, we actually got something like a pop culture, similar to what happened when television came on the scene and some of its inventors thought it would be a way of getting Shakespeare to the masses. But they forgot that you have to be more sophisticated and have more perspective to understand Shakespeare. What television was able to do was to capture people as they were. So I think the lack of a real computer science today, and the lack of real software engineering today, is partly due to this pop culture.”

“Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves.”

Src: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alan_Kay

2018/07/26 14:06 · skysigal

“His ignorance is encyclopedic.”

Talking about the current president.

2018/07/23 22:54 · skysigal
Embrace your Fault

Embrace your fault. Embrace your difference. Use it to be ab-normal-ly great.

2018/07/19 21:04 · skysigal
It's not right

Like, get a clue! The word 'correct' is really better: 'cause right is the other direction from left…

2018/07/01 19:30 · skysigal
Aron's generosity

“Aron's generosity of spirit was a coefficient of his recognition that reality was complex, knowledge limited and action essential.”

Src: https://www.newcriterion.com/blogs/dispatch/the-opium-of-the-intellectuals

2018/07/01 19:04 · skysigal

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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Code meets Madagascar

class MonkeyPoo extends Exception {}; ... throw new MonkeyPoo();

2016/10/24 11:18

static void Do(Action action, TimeSpan? timeSpan=null){
  if(!timeSpan.HasValue){timeSpan =TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100);}
  Task.WaitAll( new []{Task.Run(action)},timeSpan.Value);

2016/10/24 11:18