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Best seller for oldies

“Kamasutra for Arthritics!”

Although not sure how to keep the art-work interesting.

2017/08/12 11:20 · skysigal

Situation normal in America…

2017/08/12 11:17 · skysigal

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

― Roy Disney

2017/08/05 16:07 · skysigal

“You know, my brother once told me that nothing someone says before the word “but” really counts.”

Src: Benjen Stark

2017/08/02 20:39 · skysigal
Optimists are not wrong

Bar the fact that dropping mortality and equal fornication rates are causing an era of extinction, sure:


2017/07/31 09:43 · skysigal

Dry .NET Blog

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Version 4 Guids in Javascript


'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'.replace(/[xy]/g, function(c) {
    var r = Math.random()*16|0, v = c == 'x' ? r : (r&0x3|0x8);
    return v.toString(16);

Src: http://stackoverflow.com/a/2117523/1052767

2016/10/24 11:18
To find Types using FullName, not FQN, nor partial

Just added to XActLib's XAct.Core AppDomain Extensions:

        public static Type GetTypeFromTypeFullName(this AppDomain appDomain, string fullTypeName)
            Dictionary<string, Type> cached = new Dictionary<string, Type>();
            Type result;

            if (cached.TryGetValue(fullTypeName, out result))
                return result;

            result = Type.GetType(fullTypeName) ??
                              .Select(a => a.GetType(fullTypeName))
                              .FirstOrDefault(t => t != null);

            cached[fullTypeName] = result;

            return result;


Note that I might have to add a WeakReference check to see what AppDomain we're talking about. TODO…

2016/10/24 11:18