• In essence: Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Culture, Consideration, Criticality, Candor [same as Honesty?], self-Control, Creation, [Communication], Commitment, Collaboration, Capability, Competency, [Excellence as a C word], [Surpass, as a C word], Completion.
  • to be Esteemed (Valued) for the above Qualitieas.


4C's… plus 2 more:

example 4C 4C Courage Courage is... Feeling Assessing then Acting ...Anyway 4C->Courage Culture Culture 4C->Culture Critical thinking Critical thinking 4C->Critical thinking Collaboration Collaboration is... Vested Interest Sum of Distinct Roles Honesty Transparency Trust Clarity 4C->Collaboration Communication Communication is... Listen Clarify Confirm Summarize Contribute Consensus 4C->Communication Creativity Creativity is... Observing Relating Applying Courageously 4C->Creativity Qualities Qualities Culture->Qualities Behaviour Behaviour Culture->Behaviour Facts Facts Critical thinking->Facts Logic Logic Critical thinking->Logic Drawn Drawn Communication->Drawn Written Written Communication->Written Verbal Verbal Communication->Verbal Creativity->Written Drawing Drawing Creativity->Drawing Principles Principles Qualities->Principles Pattern Pattern Drawn->Pattern Diagram Diagram Drawn->Diagram Chart Chart Drawn->Chart Cartoon Cartoon Drawn->Cartoon Image Image Drawn->Image Comment Comment Written->Comment Letter Letter Written->Letter Post Post Written->Post Essay Essay Written->Essay Volume Volume Written->Volume Conversation Conversation Verbal->Conversation Speech Speech Verbal->Speech Questions/Answers Questions/Answers Verbal->Questions/Answers Debate Debate Verbal->Debate Meeting Meeting Verbal->Meeting Sketch Sketch Image->Sketch Image->Drawing Painting Painting Image->Painting Philosophical Philosophical Logic->Philosophical Mathematical Mathematical Logic->Mathematical