I've always had a thing against negotiations. Because I'm not good at it.

Because I don't practice at getting better.

And I some how feel that Negotiation is either bluffing (lying) or not disclosing (lying by omission) – although the following may be an acceptable compromise:

  • “My recommendation is to take an alternative approach to negotiating and that is to never bluff. Instead… chose carefully what information you feel relevant to a good solution for both parties, and that’s it, no more – no less. I will warn you this will create the inherent need to think through every step of the negotiation process. It requires constant control of your actions, forcing you to think through both sides of the equation.”1)
  • Speak about Options (preweighted…):
  • “The No. 1 rule of poker: No one knows what cards you have. All they know is the information that you convey. I think that’s a very valuable thing to remember in any negotiation.”2)