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“I propose 'FuckOracleScript'.”

Src: Reddit

2018/04/19 08:21 · skysigal
CEO'ed to death

“HP is such a sad husk. Once a powerhouse of engineering and innovation, it got CEO'ed to death until its chief metric of productivity was maximizing cost of ink per printed page.”

“I'm stealing that idiom”

Src: Reddit

2018/04/18 22:47 · skysigal

Every day, with each action, one can either consume or create.

As for the create side of things, one can produce the following to sell:

  • products
  • skills (to produce products)
  • knowledge (to value product choices)
  • hope (that one day that with a significant change of effort on their part they can obtain one of the above)
  • false hope (that with little change of effort on their part they can have better results)

…in more or less that order of diminishing ethical value.

2018/04/18 08:38 · skysigal

Interesting word…

“government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. Origin of kakistocracy. Greek. 1820-1830. 1820-30; < Greek kákisto(s), superlative of kakós bad + -cracy.”



2018/04/16 10:47 · skysigal
Lemons versus cherries

. The most provocative conclusion in the paper is that asymmetric information about ability leads existing companies to employ only “lemons,” relatively unproductive workers.


2018/04/14 16:28 · skysigal

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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I take that back. I HATE ARM's “Lost While Debugging within Stupid Quotation Marks” approach more than PowerShell. But I still dislike PowerShell. A lot.

2018/03/27 21:50 · skysigal
Powershell and ARM

PowerShell has to be the most god awful language structure I've encountered in 30 years of development.

It even beats ARM on the WTF Scale.

2018/02/27 20:58 · skysigal