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Modern warfare

“They were so outraged the took up small arms in the form of keyboards and went to war.”

2017/07/19 10:41 · skysigal
it’s harder to be kind than clever

«The choice to be kind can be hard, especially when you’re frustrated or when, thanks to your gifts, you know that someone has made the sort of error you could easily have avoided. It’s easier to be direct; to not concern yourself too heavily with the emotions of others; to want to be unequivocal in your rejection.»

Objective. I have to become kinder in the next 6 months. I'm going to need help. A lot of it.

Src: https://circleci.com/blog/kindness-is-underrated/

2017/07/18 12:09 · skysigal
Grounded Cloud

Non-sensical Term du Jour for on-prem vmware or open-stack (et al) managed hardware.

Or you could simply call it a “successful failure”.

2017/07/17 10:55 · skysigal
Start Simple. End Complex

“If you start simple, systems will get more complex (eventually)…If you start complex, you're in trouble.”

-Kevin Weil, Head of Product, Instagram

2017/07/16 11:49 · skysigal

Think what you want, we were taught, but everything you say and do reflects on your entire family.

Src: https://longreads.com/2017/06/15/my-fathers-weakness-for-beer-never-lessened-his-strengths/

2017/07/14 14:14 · skysigal

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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Code meets Madagascar

class MonkeyPoo extends Exception {}; ... throw new MonkeyPoo();

2016/10/24 11:18

static void Do(Action action, TimeSpan? timeSpan=null){
  if(!timeSpan.HasValue){timeSpan =TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100);}
  Task.WaitAll( new []{Task.Run(action)},timeSpan.Value);

2016/10/24 11:18