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It's not right

Like, get a clue! The word 'correct' is really better: 'cause right is the other direction from left…

2018/07/01 19:30 · skysigal
Aron's generosity

“Aron's generosity of spirit was a coefficient of his recognition that reality was complex, knowledge limited and action essential.”

Src: https://www.newcriterion.com/blogs/dispatch/the-opium-of-the-intellectuals

2018/07/01 19:04 · skysigal
Self-Esteem is a crock

“Be that as it may, one fairly solid result to emerge from Storr’s research is that the self-esteem boom was ignited by what amounts to a fraud. His account of its rise is a reminder of how easy it can be to mislead a willing public about scientific studies.”


2018/06/24 09:23 · skysigal
Thank you, John Shea.

Your solution saved my hearing. Thank you.

John Shea

2018/06/06 19:50 · skysigal

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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High Friction = Poor Documentation

High Friction development environments (JSON/ARM/PowerShell/VSTS) makes everything harder than needed. Difficulty leads to exhaustion rather than exhaltation. Exhaustion leads to poor or no post-completion documentation. Poor documentation + difficult environments = poor maintenance. Poor maintenance = terminal state.

2018/04/29 12:39 · skysigal

I take that back. I HATE ARM's “Lost While Debugging within Stupid Quotation Marks” approach more than PowerShell. But I still dislike PowerShell. A lot.

2018/03/27 21:50 · skysigal