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The problem with democracy is that it's still in demo-mode.

Maybe if it got out of beta mode and became something more like a pro-cracy…

2020/03/28 06:24 · skys

A Bug.

2020/03/04 13:59 · skys

Preparing for a life as a rain-drop: a brief launching into existence, some self-forming, falling carefree, an individual yet surrounded by peers, to live the rest of life in a puddle – and when the sun finally shines on them, not ready for it, and dry up.

2020/02/17 02:15 · skys
2019/12/15 17:36 · skys

“If you set out simply to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, then you’ll dread every moment of it. That’s like setting out to be famous but not actually enjoying the craft; the vehicle you’re using to become famous. And that’s how much of life is for most people. Wanting to be rich, famous, powerful, a leader, etc. All the fluff, frosting, and shine of life with no substance to actually support it.” – JMWightman.com

2019/12/02 13:10 · skys

House Building

2020/03/16 07:04 · skys

Mark Gee just posted a beautiful video of our trees:


2020/03/15 14:58 · skys

Dry .NET Blog

A blog about the latest code fragment that titillate me…

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