It is well known that jet pilots start with a bag of luck and start to fill a bag of experience – most accidents happen around the 700 flying hours mark. When I almost flew into the Belgium landscape 10 years ago, I had 650. ‘The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck.’


2019/04/29 17:23 · skys

When one is still young, it seems very simple to be a hero or a martyr. But as one marches on in life, one understands the price of a simple act of virtue…


2019/04/22 11:31 · skys

If I am reading this right, does this mean we build NZ homes out of the same material that others deem only as disposable:

“But subsidies overseas are driving up prices and making it expensive in New Zealand.”

Trade Minister David Parker is running an enquiry into this, Tanner says. And spoke about it at the WPMA conference this month.

“It's a serious trade issue. It's unfair competition.”

Wood processing is very highly subsidised in other countries, such as China, despite them having free trade agreements with New Zealand.

And sometimes finished products, which have low prices because of the subsidies, are imported back into New Zealand, he says.

In 2018 60 per cent of total logs were exported.
Of the exported logs, 74 per cent went to China.

The most important use of New Zealand logs in China is the production of lumber and plywood for temporary construction, such as boxing for concrete.

Although some of this is recycled into low grade panel products, much of the timber that spent its first 27 years of life in New Zealand doesn't last long once it gets to China and is burnt after use.


2019/04/21 13:53 · skys

If you're not dealing with unprecedented situations in unprecedented territory you're not discovering new opportunities.

2019/04/19 09:59 · skys

“Education is a paradise for hustlers because we don’t track education outcomes,”

2019/04/17 10:40 · skys

“WPF is horrible architecture. It's most important purpose is a to serve as case study in how not to design software.”

Oh so true.


2019/04/07 22:09 · skys

I'm currently trying to develop a dys-functional diagram of an existing organisation…

2019/04/01 22:25 · skys

Or said another way: we have no disagreement. We just have not arrived at an agreement.

2019/03/18 08:49 · skys

“Make no mistake: the outcome is…income”.

2019/03/18 08:46 · skys

I so wish this had been available to me!

Ossicle replacement

2019/03/15 08:45 · skys

“ There can be a cost to acting on one's principles, but there is a bigger cost to abandoning them.”

Src: Jane Philpott

2019/03/05 15:14 · skys

“Only a few notes, perhaps, but a gallon of prussic acid, a season of tropical cloudbursts, the grittiest pale Northern skies, the emptiest gray hotel rooms. And endless, sleepless flights, thousands of cigarettes, Rémy Martin, sex that’s the nostalgia of sex, and happiness that’s just the memory of happiness. Hope that if you die before you wake you really won’t be aware of it. And the most unexpected sweetness.”


2019/02/24 15:42 · skys

Feart: Lack of courage, or fearful/heart.

Src: Edinburgh

2019/02/24 11:05 · skys

“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.”

2019/02/12 13:20 · skysigal

While looking at a forum on home building I saw someone answer another's query as to the meaning of the term kPa.

An answer given was Kilo Pastels, a measure of new-age stress. Possible due to dealing with mortgage payments…

2019/02/11 17:29 · skysigal

“By flooding the consciousness with gnawing unpleasantness, pain provides a temporary relief from the burdens of self-awareness,”


2019/01/31 21:39 · skysigal

Unfortunately, everywhere I am in Wellington where I truly despair at the awfulness of the building - certainly not architecture - I am trying to divert my eyes from, I find out it was created by Ian Athfield. Architecture should be about defining space around it and within it. Not be about itself. It's just Trumpism.

As a contrast, Andrew Patterson's spaces create loci without sucking up and sacrificing everything else around it.

2019/01/19 14:16 · skysigal

As I remember it:

“Barnett “The Audit of War: describing the process of Britain’s slow decline in uncompromising – even brutal – terms:

“As that descent took its course the illusions and the dreams of 1945 would fade one by one – the imperial and Commonwealth role, the world-power role, British industrial genius, and, at the last, New Jerusalem [Labour’s longed-for socialist utopia] itself, a dream turned into a dank reality of a segregated, sub-literate, unskilled, unhealthy and institutionalised proletariat hanging on the nipple of state maternalism.”

Src: Chris Trotter

2019/01/17 14:27 · skysigal

Cheerful thought for the day: one on only gets so many worry minutes, and then you die.

2019/01/09 11:50 · skysigal

The least input required to obtain the highest value output.

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