Internal Emigration

his drinking may have been an expression of what Soviet citizens called “internal emigration.”


2017/08/14 17:03 · skysigal

Faking Nonchalant

I flung myself to the ground as an aircraft with its guns blazing, flew low over the beach. I wasn't able to see its markings because my eyes were tightly closed but it was clearly not one of ours. I looked around after it had gone expecting to see dead and wounded everywhere but miraculously nobody seemed to have been hit. “I wish they wouldn't do that,” said the officer with impressive cool. I tried to copy his nonchalant tone and said, “I suppose you get quite used to that sort of thing.” “Not a bit of it, old man,” he replied, lowering his voice. “What you get used to is pretending you are not as scared as your men are.”


2017/08/14 16:38 · skysigal

Best seller for oldies

“Kamasutra for Arthritics!”

Although not sure how to keep the art-work interesting.

2017/08/12 11:20 · skysigal


Situation normal in America…

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“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

― Roy Disney

2017/08/05 16:07 · skysigal


“You know, my brother once told me that nothing someone says before the word “but” really counts.”

Src: Benjen Stark

2017/08/02 20:39 · skysigal

Optimists are not wrong

Bar the fact that dropping mortality and equal fornication rates are causing an era of extinction, sure:

2017/07/31 09:43 · skysigal


It's the stupid, stupid.

(when the person you're talking to won't understand the explanation anyway).

2017/07/27 08:03 · skysigal

Modern warfare

“They were so outraged they took up small arms in the form of keyboards and went to war.”

2017/07/19 10:41 · skysigal

it’s harder to be kind than clever

«The choice to be kind can be hard, especially when you’re frustrated or when, thanks to your gifts, you know that someone has made the sort of error you could easily have avoided. It’s easier to be direct; to not concern yourself too heavily with the emotions of others; to want to be unequivocal in your rejection.»

Objective. I have to become kinder in the next 6 months. I'm going to need help. A lot of it.


2017/07/18 12:09 · skysigal

Grounded Cloud

Non-sensical Term du Jour for on-prem vmware or open-stack (et al) managed hardware.

Or you could simply call it a “successful failure”.

2017/07/17 10:55 · skysigal

Start Simple. End Complex

“If you start simple, systems will get more complex (eventually)…If you start complex, you're in trouble.”

-Kevin Weil, Head of Product, Instagram

2017/07/16 11:49 · skysigal


Think what you want, we were taught, but everything you say and do reflects on your entire family.


2017/07/14 14:14 · skysigal

Tests are Contracts

Where people go very wrong is thinking that Tests simply 'support' the deliverables.

That is incorrect logic – they're are first-class deliverables in themselves: they are automated enforcement of the contract of the delivery of functionality according to pre-agreed specifications.

2017/07/14 13:24 · skysigal

What did the second person do to not get invited to the party!?

Just wondering why we only talk about 1st person and 3rd person…

2017/07/11 15:46 · skysigal

Cost of living

Total Cost to Live Like a Billionaire: $130,093 or More Daily

Src: wasting time...

2017/07/02 20:52 · skysigal

You were born a Billionaire

You already were given 3,153,6000 million heartbeats for every year you were going to live.

On average, 2.5 billion heartbeats in a lifetime.

How will you spend them?
Will you spend them living your own life – up to your own potential – or spend them dreaming of living someone else's life?

2017/06/19 21:21 · skysigal

Raw deal

Saw this in a thread today…

Someone posted:

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

And someone responded:

“Happiness is dependent on other people holding up their side of the bargain? You have to have luck as well as effort, in order to be happy? A grim thought.”


2017/06/18 23:37 · skysigal


Never noticed that…Cute! :-)

2017/06/13 08:31 · skysigal