Hard to believe some wants to replace Obamacare with IDontCare.

2020/09/30 20:09 · skys

Has her phone out, striking a pose…

2020/09/21 22:51 · skys

It's social “Me!Me!Me!”dia…

2020/08/31 22:02 · skys

Doing the correct thing is so obviously the correct thing to do that it goes with saying. Or doing.

Inspired by:

2020/07/22 06:07 · skys

«On board the Calcutta, Government have allowed 50 healthy young women to go out with them; they, doubtless, will form not the least important part of the stock taken out for the effectual colonization of this hitherto unexplored region, certainly situated at the farthest limits of the known world. Ipswich Journal 30 April 1803.»

2020/07/09 05:42 · skys

It is just my imagination or is it that an email that starts with “Good points you brought up.” often end up as thinly wrapped instructions to “please change sections X, Z, B, C, D & Q, M, O.”

Grumbly thursday.

2020/07/08 19:19 · skys

Apparently – at least in this organisation – “security by frustration (SBF)” is a thing…

PS: My opinions are solely my own, and are not necessarily representative of my employers, etc. etc…etc… (obviously).

2020/07/06 16:31 · skys

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.”

Philip K Dick

2020/05/18 23:43 · skys

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48).

I'm confused.

If his way is perfect, why does he need to be supplicated to do his work better?

If his work is perfect, why do we have to ask him to change the course of nature?

If his creations are perfect, why negative outcomes?

If he is perfect, why does our prayer and supplication work? How? Does it work on his/her vanity? Is it based on judgment, and therefore correction of his perfect plan? Is it based on payment and sacrifice? If he/her is perfect, don't they already have everything needed?

If outcomes perceived as negative are planned outcomes from a perfect creation and plan, then nothing is bad, so is nothing good?

If creation is a perfect plan , it is is not improvable, therefore it is imperfect? Therefore…?

The same issue with reincarnation though. How was it decided that a louse was lower on the pecking order of dogs and dogs were below humans, and human arhats are the last stop before enlightenment? Couldn't a dog, who has already learnt to be carefree of most worries, who also conquered worrying about food and sex, be more considered more enlightened than us with our myriad of hungers and desires?

Why are people so impassioned with ensuring others have a faithful dependency on another entity than themselves? Is it really compassion and sharing – or an fear of being the last person in the crowd who isn't responsible enough to live with our own self-understanding of our list of weaknesses to invest in strengthening?

Using logos instead of mythos is difficult and lonely.

2020/05/01 19:02 · skys

Ain't it ironic how so many ordinary people dream of becoming famous actors, when everyday most are already acting.
And people in the movie industry try to act as ordinary people.

2020/05/01 18:53 · skys

We're not social animals.

We're networked animals, over both loci and time.

It is the network over time that makes us so special among all animals (via media).  

It's certainly not the first form. Mankind is not especially social or kind. In fact we're just as vicious – if not more – than other animals, only feigning social connection because we're lazy and it keeps our cannibalistic prey closer.

2020/04/29 19:46 · skys

Its most controversial idea was that the well-being of future generations should be given the same weight as that of the present one. Discounting the interests of future people, Ramsey wrote, is “ethically indefensible and arises merely from the weakness of the imagination.”


2020/04/29 19:38 · skys

“Think I'm kidding regarding the wind in Wellington? My neighbour's containers rolled 2 or 3 times.Another opened her garage and had it rearranged. Over the next 300m.
Country folk habitually put their kids up against wire fences and leave them suspended and held there by the wind – much like velcro walls – while they go off for a chat and a fag with the neighbours.
NZ wild goats and the more adventurous farmed sheep open their arms wide and jump off cliffs to parasail on lightly gusting days… In higher winds,they splay out flat on the ground and pull themselves across the fields with their teeth, munching away. I'm not cudding!”

2020/04/26 23:52 · skys

Reminds me of the inner groan I've had to the conclusion of some meetings…

« the search for perfect evidence may be the enemy of good policy. As with parachutes for jumping out of aeroplanes, it is time to act without waiting for randomised controlled trial evidence.

Src: NewsHub

2020/04/23 16:42 · skys

We've created an era of fulfilling Desire versus an era of fulfilling Duty.

Governments and Religions can manipulate Duty. Communism manipulated Duty to the People. Capitalism and Marketers can manipulate Desire.

2020/04/18 21:42 · skys

It's taken me ages to see the distinction. It's not “We the Individuals”. It's we the People. As in the social Group or Estate, comprised of individuals.

In the structure of the constitution, we are members of the People first, and not Individuals above all things. We have Duties before Permissions. Not Permissions before Duties.

This era where everyone is self-oriented, with no greater purpose beyond self, is a cacophany of desires versus purpose, duties, responsibilities.

2020/04/18 21:12 · skys

Now that's a worthy mission statement:

The mission of the United States Naval *“To develop Midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to graduate leaders who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government."*
2020/04/17 00:44 · skys

Looks like a tremendous summary of a pathway from ground, to crossing, to soaring, to flying trusses…

2020/04/13 16:00 · skys

The problem with democracy is that it's still in demo-mode.

Maybe if it got out of beta mode and became something more like a pro-cracy…

2020/03/28 06:24 · skys

A Bug.

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