Self-Esteem is a crock

“Be that as it may, one fairly solid result to emerge from Storr’s research is that the self-esteem boom was ignited by what amounts to a fraud. His account of its rise is a reminder of how easy it can be to mislead a willing public about scientific studies.”

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Thank you, John Shea.

Your solution saved my hearing. Thank you.

John Shea

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We're living it up

The future is…there is no future

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Cheap Kiwis


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Tomorrow never comes until it is too late.

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Overheard: “CIO porn.”

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Definition: “Portable targeted always-on advertising display, interspersed with public unsubstantiated gossip, acquaintance porn, music and mostly ignored self-improvement tools.”

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Immortality sucks

“We’ve filled our fiction with vampires, elves, fountains of youth, horcruxes, and the Singularity. Well, in the real world, this is what immortality looks like. Each of these eight contagious cancers represents a single animal—a dog, two Tasmanian devils, and a handful shellfish—whose original body is long dead, but that lives on as dynasties of cells that propagate in new hosts.”

Src: The Atlantic

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“I propose 'FuckOracleScript'.”

Src: Reddit

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CEO'ed to death

“HP is such a sad husk. Once a powerhouse of engineering and innovation, it got CEO'ed to death until its chief metric of productivity was maximizing cost of ink per printed page.”

“I'm stealing that idiom”

Src: Reddit

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Every day, with each action, one can either consume or create.

As for the create side of things, one can produce the following to sell:

  • products
  • skills (to produce products)
  • knowledge (to value product choices)
  • hope (that one day that with a significant change of effort on their part they can obtain one of the above)
  • false hope (that with little change of effort on their part they can have better results)

…in more or less that order of diminishing ethical value.

2018/04/18 08:38 · skysigal


Interesting word…

“government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. Origin of kakistocracy. Greek. 1820-1830. 1820-30; < Greek kákisto(s), superlative of kakós bad + -cracy.”



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Lemons versus cherries

. The most provocative conclusion in the paper is that asymmetric information about ability leads existing companies to employ only “lemons,” relatively unproductive workers.

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Processes and Pillocks

“What we have here is attempted governance by the completely clueless, in a place they've never been, using tools that they don't possess. When I go to Washington I feel like Tom Paine must have felt when he visited the court of King George in about 1770. The audacity of these people to claim moral right to govern an area where they've never even been is stupefying.”

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“. It is a cliche in our business that the first 90 percent of the work is easy, the second 90 percent wears you down, and the last 90 percent - the attention to detail - makes a good product. “


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Americans are winners.

“In the US, he who argues loudest and longest reigns victorious, regardless of the collateral damage.”


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It's ok to procrastinate

It's OK to procrastinate against resisting action.

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Natural Foods

Eat naturally processed grains and roughage.

Eat beef.

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