Word du jour…. Collaboration.


2019/07/12 16:10 · skys

Sad that we're still seeing this having to be argued in 2019. Step up, country!

« He said research showed that the economic benefits of using the internet, such as applying for jobs and buying cheaper goods online, exceeded the costs.

“You are better off with the internet even though you pay a connection fee,” he said.


2019/07/09 10:43 · skys

Teachers are amazing in that they act as project managers of the unemployable…

2019/07/08 13:51 · skys

Imagine you own a restaurant.

Imagine you and your business partners walking into a store, full of products from around the world, little jars, big jars, flavours, features, etc.

In the center of the room is a selection of fresh olives from around the world, green, brown, purple, spiced, brined, natural, inexpensive. Free to try. Not everything is perfect (too salty, missing a bit of olive flavour, but hey, that's what free trials are for, to choose what mix you can live with).

And beside it, is an old venerable barrel. At the bottom of the barrel there's a half-handful of olives. All of them a bit dinged. Some frankly, beyond old. You're told that there were more olives a month ago, about a half-dozen more, but they've been pulled out.
You're told that, to supply your restaurant, you have to ignore all the ones in the shop (nobody is sure whether they are big enough to supply restaurants, then again, nobody even asked them), and bend over the barrel with a select few others and peer into the shadows of the barrel and squint at the olives down there.

You're not allowed to touch.

Do you take the odd shaped one, the split one, the darker one (a couple clearly are a bit moldy).
The only thing you have to go on is the statement that other restaurants around town have sold these olives (when? still doing so?).

So you and your co-partners bend over at the hip, and stick your head into the barrel, and down there, discuss with your co-purchasers what you imagine the flavour would be, if you could taste, or even touch, them. You hang there, in the barrel for a couple of long hours (it's a long term contract after all) discussing with gravitas whether the smell of the barrel is coming from a (bit faded) thyme, or is it really just old wood you're smelling and wanting to imagine it's thyme. Or you're starting to imagine that they're good, because you are comparing them to the mouldy ones that you can see.

And for that single olive, you'll have to pay the price for the whole barrel btw.

And you have to select one of them. Cause.

2019/06/28 10:02 · skys

“He’s a constant doer, therefore he makes mistakes. But people who don’t make mistakes don’t do anything,”

2019/06/25 23:21 · skys

“Every single person walking around has it in him or her to commit murder. Margaret Atwood once wrote that if we were all on trial for our thoughts, we would all be hanged.”


2019/06/23 19:33 · skys

“The libertarians may cry freedom and equality, but their world is the opposite. A Citigroup analysis of bitcoin from 2014 found that ‘47 individuals held about 30%, another 900 held a further 20%, the next 10,000 about 25% and another million about 20%.’ No country on earth has such an unequal distribution of assets and wealth.”


2019/06/18 21:20 · skys

Either the near future is one where toddlers are alone in front of their babysitting robot learning how to read and write by gagaging at it – or parents are home because they are unemployed due to robots.

2019/06/17 18:03 · skys

Hong Kong's so called “Iron Lady”, Anson Chan, was the chief secretary of Hong Kong from 1993 to 2001. She served under British rule and then Beijing's rule, too. Three years ago she said that Hong Kong's fate under the Basic Law was a vital concern to the whole world: “Because if China can, with impunity, walk away from its treaty obligations to Hong Kong, what does that say about China's attitude to its treaty obligations to other countries?” she told me. Once again, the world has been warned. The protests this week might have centred on Hong Kong, but freedom everywhere is under challenge.


2019/06/11 23:22 · skys

Just about sums it up:

“In 1788, the Austrians were scouting for forces of the Ottoman Empire near the city of Karansebes, but two different sections mistook each other for Ottomans, and fired on each other instead. 10,000 soldiers perished, and two days later, the Ottomans showed up and captured the city.”

2019/06/08 11:37 · skys

You can't lay it all at the feet of AI.

AI is programmed with data recordings of our behaviour.

So remember, when you don't like what it's doing, it's only doing what we do… (and we had 45000 years to get it right, so can't throw rocks in a glass house).

2019/05/27 22:39 · skys

It is well known that jet pilots start with a bag of luck and start to fill a bag of experience – most accidents happen around the 700 flying hours mark. When I almost flew into the Belgium landscape 10 years ago, I had 650. ‘The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck.’


2019/04/29 17:23 · skys

When one is still young, it seems very simple to be a hero or a martyr. But as one marches on in life, one understands the price of a simple act of virtue…


2019/04/22 11:31 · skys

If I am reading this right, does this mean we build NZ homes out of the same material that others deem only as disposable:

“But subsidies overseas are driving up prices and making it expensive in New Zealand.”

Trade Minister David Parker is running an enquiry into this, Tanner says. And spoke about it at the WPMA conference this month.

“It's a serious trade issue. It's unfair competition.”

Wood processing is very highly subsidised in other countries, such as China, despite them having free trade agreements with New Zealand.

And sometimes finished products, which have low prices because of the subsidies, are imported back into New Zealand, he says.

In 2018 60 per cent of total logs were exported.
Of the exported logs, 74 per cent went to China.

The most important use of New Zealand logs in China is the production of lumber and plywood for temporary construction, such as boxing for concrete.

Although some of this is recycled into low grade panel products, much of the timber that spent its first 27 years of life in New Zealand doesn't last long once it gets to China and is burnt after use.


2019/04/21 13:53 · skys

If you're not dealing with unprecedented situations in unprecedented territory you're not discovering new opportunities.

2019/04/19 09:59 · skys

“Education is a paradise for hustlers because we don’t track education outcomes,”

2019/04/17 10:40 · skys

“WPF is horrible architecture. It's most important purpose is a to serve as case study in how not to design software.”

Oh so true.


2019/04/07 22:09 · skys

I'm currently trying to develop a dys-functional diagram of an existing organisation…

2019/04/01 22:25 · skys

Or said another way: we have no disagreement. We just have not arrived at an agreement.

2019/03/18 08:49 · skys