A common twist on Agile

Project Managers around the world are flocking to Agile because it allows them for the first time to stop decorating their projects results with hyperbole, and can honestly say they are adhering to Agile pattern of “Failing Fast”.

They're just not getting past that point (ie, they're turn Agile into… Abject…)

2017/12/10 17:28 · skysigal

Agile Failure

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”

Src: W. C. Fields

2017/12/10 17:23 · skysigal


"If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success."


A few examples of incorrectly named concepts:

  • Hybrid Cloud (read: Mutant Cloud)
  • Deliver Cloud Hosting Services (when you're not a Cloud Provider yourself, therefore providing what?!)
  • Constructive Meeting (when nothing has been Defined, Decided, or Actioned.
  • Customer Focused, when the services being offered are Back-room/storage room services.
  • Transformation – When nothing is being transformed, just rellocated.
  • Collaborative processes – when you're not consulting the clients, the dominant provider, or even other business groups.
  • etc.
2017/11/17 11:34 · skysigal

Scratch their watch

"They were standing around not knowing whether to scratch their watch or wind their butts"

Src: Missile Mess

2017/11/04 11:58 · skysigal


“Empathy means considering perspectives other than your own.”

Src: Article

2017/10/29 12:10 · skysigal


Stands for: Request for Where (the hell did the money go?!?!)

Maybe it should be RFE (Request for Explanation)?

2017/10/27 10:16 · skysigal

NZ Monopolies

Regarding how Fletcher has NZ over it's knee:

“A standard sheet of plasterboard retails for $50 here. In the US it is $4.”

Actually, that's not factually correct. It's $6.

2017/10/24 16:27 · skysigal

Agile versus Waterfall

One is about going over the waterfall in a cruise ship grandly named “ITIL”, and the other is being up the creek without a canoe (“we'll build one along the way, out of post-its!”).

2017/10/22 11:50 · skysigal


“…ads parasitize the user’s attention, emotions, bandwidth, and often, their laptop or smartphone battery, and supports an industry of personal data harvesting that is a big headache in of itself.”


2017/10/15 00:29 · skysigal


“You do not know what Flanders means. Flanders means endless endurance. Flanders means blood and scraps of human bodies. Flanders means heroic courage and faithfulness even unto death.”


2017/10/13 10:55 · skysigal


The way this normally manifests is someone asks for the “URL” to put into his or her browser, and someone perks up with:

*"Actually, that’s called a URI, not a URL…"*

"The response to this correction can range from quietly thinking this person needs to get out more, to agreeing indifferently via shoulder shrug, to removing the safety clasp on a Katana."
2017/10/12 14:58 · skysigal


Professor Galloway spoke about the soaring costs of a college education: “I teach 120 kids on Tuesday nights in my Brand Strategy course. That’s $720,000, or $60,000 per class, in tuition payments, a lot of it financed with debt. I’m good at what I do, but walking in each night, I remind myself we (NYU) are charging kids $500/minute for me and a projector. This. Is. Fucking. Ridiculous.”

2017/10/11 18:04 · skysigal

Users are YouSers

Usability is important (it affects everyone…including you).

2017/10/03 13:40 · skysigal

Plant the future of energy

The Greens could promote the planting of nuclear plants in our gardens…

2017/09/24 23:21 · skysigal

You first

“None of the books available to me claims that the rascasse is venomous, but my rascasse du nord has a groove on the front face of each spine in the dorsal fin, and I refuse to step on it until someone else does."

2017/09/02 10:22 · skysigal

Internal Emigration

his drinking may have been an expression of what Soviet citizens called “internal emigration.”


2017/08/14 17:03 · skysigal

Faking Nonchalant

I flung myself to the ground as an aircraft with its guns blazing, flew low over the beach. I wasn't able to see its markings because my eyes were tightly closed but it was clearly not one of ours. I looked around after it had gone expecting to see dead and wounded everywhere but miraculously nobody seemed to have been hit. “I wish they wouldn't do that,” said the officer with impressive cool. I tried to copy his nonchalant tone and said, “I suppose you get quite used to that sort of thing.” “Not a bit of it, old man,” he replied, lowering his voice. “What you get used to is pretending you are not as scared as your men are.”


2017/08/14 16:38 · skysigal

Best seller for oldies

“Kamasutra for Arthritics!”

Although not sure how to keep the art-work interesting.

2017/08/12 11:20 · skysigal